Reverse-Sear Steaks

Reverse-Sear Steaks

In my quest to cook the perfect steak I’ve tried many different things; from special marinades (Worcestershire Sauce!) and rubs to different techniques like fast dry aging with salt in the fridge or even sous vide.

One day, by chance, I stumbled on a video by Jeff de Picciotto (aka FudeHouse) and my meat-eating life was forever changed.

In that video, he goes over a technique called the “reverse sear” where you bake a steak at a low temperature for 45min to an hour, let it sit for 15min, and then sear both sides (and edges!) in a blazing hot pan for a then ready-to-eat steak you will never forget.

A serious warning though, this will ruin almost any steak you could get at a restaurant - I’m not even kidding. I even tried this with my parent’s Christmas prime rib one year (that I somehow convinced them I should hack up) and the whole family was blown away. If you make a steak this way, you will love it, but you should also be prepared to only make these steaks at home moving forward.

Prime Rib Christmasw/ a shoutout to and from FudeHouse!

The Best Steak You Will Ever Make

Reverse-Sear Steaks & PotatoesAlso goes really well w/ roasted potatoes


As a note, and I didn’t believe this the first few times either, but when I say a very hot pan, I mean a VERY hot pan - the best way to achieve this is to set the flame to high on a cast-iron skillet and keep it there for at least 5min. You want to hear a loud (almost violent) sizzle when the steak finally touches the pan - then you know it’s hot enough.

And also, Reverse-Sear Filets Don’t forget the sides!