4 App Home Screen

4 Apps

After I updated to iOS 15 on Monday, I decided to make this change and the relationship I have with my phone has since dramatically improved.

There are experts that have outlined this in better detail than I can, but I realized that there are a limited number of apps that I use regularly.

I also noticed that I spend a lot of screen time in any given day staring at my apps and folders in the same way you would stand in front of the fridge, just looking for something to open.

This is by no means efficient and it results in me spending more time on my phone than I should.

By being more direct about why I picked up and unlocked my phone, general lingering is mitigated and once my task is finished, it’s easier to put down my phone until the next direct task presents itself.

My iPhone home screen contains the following 4 apps in the bottom bar:

Everything else is removed from the home screen so that iOS will auto-organize based on Siri Suggestions, Recently Added, and finally by App Category:

Although I have 14 on the iPad’s bottom bar instead of 4, this is effect is even nicer when animated: